Silk Road Vegetarian Website is Now Live!

Hello Fellow Silk Road Vegetarian Foodies. If you are here, that means you found me! At long last we have reunited and now are at my new home. I hope you will invite your friends to come along. You’ll notice at the bottom right hand side of the page, there is an HTML code that you can post on your website or blog with my logo.
Speaking of my logo… Aileen Barker who designed this site for me, and I created this logo for Silk Road. How do you like? I chose this particular look because the mosaic styling was very prevelent in Central Asia, particularly Bukhara (Uzbekistan). It was probably one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia. In fact, Genghis Khan was so enamored with Bukhara that he captured it and made it his home, and converted to Islam. I know there is nothing glamorous about a warrior falling in love with a city, but at least he had good taste. In an event, this is the photo that inspired the design of my blog.



My cousin Amy Cordell from London went to Bukhara last year and took this stunning photo.

Scroll down a little bit more and you’ll notice on the right hand side, you can subscribe to my blog posts and never miss me. If you really miss me, you can use the Contact form (up there to the right) to say hello.

In case you are wandering why I changed from Veggies, Spice and Everything Rice to Silk Road Vegetarian is because I got a book deal and the name of my cookbook is…. yup, you guessed, Silk Road Vegetarian. From now on everything has to be streamlined to endorse my book.  In case you’re curious, the tab up there to the right that says AUTHOR, is the link to my Amazon page and my soon to be released book. Take a peek.

So poke around the site, let me know your comments and feedback, something you’d like to see or just to say hello. I will be back again soon with a recipe to stir your appetite.