Healthy Afternoon Snack

A little over three years ago, I was 30 pounds heavier. I was working as a Junior High School teacher, not too happy in a homogenized and bureaucratic system… it went completely against my creative free spirited side. In any event, although I was very grateful to teach Science to 34 students with 5 teaching periods a day, nonetheless it came with stress. The stress of dealing with hundreds of kids simultaneously with their needs and learning behaviours. On top of that, there were my Supervisors… that were virtually useless, but they needed to make sure I was teaching in a prescriptive manner. No imagination, whatsoever.

To make a long story short, this all made my digestive system a little too overactive, and over the years I gained weight. Interestingly enough… many teachers that were in the “system” for years gained a lot of weight. I suppose the noshing, nervousness, time constraints of the day and rushed food intake all did not help.

I lost the weight when I left my job and pursued “green movements” which has culminated now into this recipe type blog. Taking the time to prepare my food and sit down properly and do what I love to do all helped me to get trim.

Of course, I still love to nosh, but I nosh on much more healthful things. So today’s posting is an afternoon snack that is both healthful, tasty and satisfying.

When it’s about 3pm and you are feeling that you need a “pick me up” here is a great snack.
Rice crackers…. virtually no calories with RAW Almond butter (available at Trader Joes for $4.99, as opposed to WF at $6.99) with a light coating of a fruit preserve. In this way you are getting the crunch that many of us need to feel satisfied with some sweetness. Then to top it off… I have a Chai Latte that I brew from “Celestial Seasonings” called BENGAL SPICE with frothed milk. This is by far a much better version available at Starbucks that is made with syrup, and is the closest thing to a chai latte that I have tasted.

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